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Biochemistry Further your scientific curiosity

Further your scientific curiosity.

Chemistry plays a role in virtually every part of the scientific process. If you’re curious about the chemical reactions, molecular structures and biochemical processes that underlie our world and everything in it, discover the study of Chemistry or Biochemistry at Mercyhurst! Accredited by the American Chemical Society, our programs take you from the basics in chemistry, mathematics and physics through advanced organic and inorganic chemistry, experimental physical chemistry, instrumental analysis or chemical biology.

As a Chemistry or Biochemistry student, you’ll hone independent reasoning skills and problem-solving abilities. In addition to content knowledge and laboratory skills, we focus on transferable skills such as research analysis, searching scientific databases, written and oral communications, and teamwork. This ensures you’ll graduate with opportunities not only in chemistry or biochemistry, but virtually every other field as well.

Our department houses three majors: a Chemistry Bachelor of Arts, a Chemistry Bachelor of Science, and a Biochemistry Bachelor of Science. Minors in Chemistry or Biochemistry are also available. Please review the Course Catalog under Resources at the bottom of this page for a detailed breakdown of the required courses for each program.

Fast Facts

  • All Chemistry and Biochemistry students participate in research—and one-on-one training—with a faculty member
  • Mercyhurst has affiliations with LECOM (Medicine 4+4, Pharmacy 4+3, Dentistry 4+4) and PCOM (Medicine 4+4), which would be ideal for Biochemistry majors interested in the health professions
  • For students interested in teaching chemistry at the secondary school level, the Chemistry Education certification includes a segue to our online Master of Science in Secondary Education, which is available as a 4+1 program
  • Our accreditation by the American Chemical Society (ACS) means that all degrees earned from the department are ACS-accredited

Program content

  • Mercyhurst - REACH and outREACH
  • Cellular & Molecular Bio
  • Cellular & Molecular Bio Lab
  • Genetics
  • Genetics Lab
  • General Chemistry I
  • General Chemistry I Lab
  • General Chemistry II
  • General Chemistry II Lab
  • Organic Chemistry I
  • Organic Chemistry I Lab
  • Organic Chemistry II
  • Organic Chemistry II Lab
  • Biochemistry I
  • Biochemistry I Lab
  • Biochemistry II
  • Biochemistry II Lab
  • Physical Chemistry I
  • Senior Seminar
  • Research I
  • Research I
  • Research I Lab
  • Calculus I
  • Calculus II OR Biostatistics
  • General Physics I
  • General Physics I Lab
  • General Physics II
  • General Physics II Lab
  • Elective Courses

Scholarships & funding

Several scholarship options are available. Please check the university website for more information.


Total tuition fees for

  • Residents:$55,505
  • Local Commuters:$43,005


Chemistry and Biochemistry students graduate with the scientific backgrounds to succeed in a number of scientific disciplines, as well as the transferrable skills needed for careers in business, education, or intelligence-related fields.

Over the past five years, our majors have gone on to great things!

  • 38 percent are in Ph.D. programs in chemistry, biochemistry or a related field at institutions including the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Texas A&M, University of Southern California, University of Georgia, Georgia Tech, University of West Virginia, University of Pittsburgh, Florida State University, University of Florida, Ohio State University and Case Western Reserve University
  • 34 percent are in graduate-level health professional programs (M.D., D.O., pharmacy, dentistry, physician assistant) at institutions including LECOM, Mercyhurst University, University of West Virginia Temple University, University of Pittsburgh, and University of Buffalo
  • 17 percent are in master’s programs in other disciplines (secondary education, forensic science, intelligence, MBA programs) at institutions including Mercyhurst University, Townson University and West Virginia University
  • 3 percent began careers in chemistry-related fields with employers such as Lord Corp

Career paths

  • Chemical Technicians
  • Biochemists and Biophysicist
  • Chemists

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